Ashley DiSarro

Ashley is a Brooklyn based Makeup Artist & Hairstylist and the creator of Alessarro Beauty.  She has worked in the beauty industry since 2004.  Ashley has a passion for working with people and making them feel their best.  Although Ashley has an extensive background in various makeup styles she is continuously requested and drawn to natural beauty looks.  She believes "that makeup should never walk in the room before you."

From the very start of her professional career Ashley always knew she wanted to work in beauty and obtained her cosmetology and esthetician's license. 

Alessarro Beauty

Where does 'Alessarro' come from.

'Ales' ... taken from Alessio ... my maternal family name


'sarro' ... taken from DiSarro ... my paternal family name

Alessarro Beauty is based around the union of our clients so it truly feels like the perfect fit.

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